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Halogen Lamp for General Lighting

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The tungsten halogen lamp is a revolutionary advance in incandescent lamp design, combining out standing efficiency with compact size. This lamp delivers more lumens than other types of incandescent lamps, yet has a longer life.

The key to its extraordinary performance is the regenerative halogen cycle made possible by a trace of halogen additive carefully prepared and sealed into the lamp., tungsten evaporates from the hot filament during operation and diffuses toward the bulb wall. But in TAEWOO's tungsten halogen lamp, the evaporized tungsten are converted to tungsten halides near the bulb wall and then reverse their motion, diffusing toward the filament. This keeps the inner wall of the bulb virtually free of blackening maintaining high illumination efficiency throughout its life.

Tungsten halogen lamps for general lighting are widely used where performance reallyn counts-in shops, as light sources in photography, studios, for outdoor illumination, and in the automatic equipment.